ShineXPro Graphene Guard
ShineXPro Graphene Guard
ShineXPro Graphene Guard
ShineXPro Graphene Guard
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ShineXPro Graphene Guard

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Introducing ShineXPro Graphene Guard, the revolutionary sprayable DIY graphene coating that brings professional-grade protection to your surfaces with unparalleled ease. No special tools or experience needed – simply spray and enjoy the advanced benefits of graphene technology.

ShineXPro Graphene Guard forms a robust, ultra-thin layer on various surfaces, enhancing durability and resistance to scratches, stains, and UV rays. This cutting-edge formula harnesses the power of graphene, known for its exceptional strength, to provide long-lasting protection for your vehicles.

This is the easiest graphene coating product you’ll ever use. The Graphene Guard can be applied to your car or bike in as little as 20 minutes. It lasts on average 4-6 months, and requires no special experience.

Preparation Steps:

  • Step 1: Give your vehicle a through foam wash, you can use a washmitt to give it a contact wash which helps remove surface contaminants. Rinse it with water and dry it thoroughly using a microfiber drying towel.
  • Step 2 (Optional): You can clay down your vehicle using a clay lubricant to remove contaminants which are embedded into the paint surface. Make sure the clay lubricant does not have any wax in it. Rinse it with water and dry it thoroughly using a microfiber drying towel.

Directions to apply Graphene Guard:

  • Step 1: Make sure that the surface is cool to the touch. Do no apply in direct sunlight or right after you have driven your vehicle because the engine is still hot which would heat up the surface.
  • Step 2: Take the first microfiber cloth and dip it in water. Squeeze out the excess water and make sure it is damp.
  • Step 3: Shake Graphene Guard well and then spray a couple of times onto the first damp microfiber cloth and then a couple of times on the surface which you intend to coat. Spread Graphene Guard onto the paint using this same microfiber cloth, in an up and down, left and right (crosshatch pattern) to ensure the entire surface is evenly covered.
  • Step 4: Without waiting, use the second, dry microfiber cloth to buff off the same coated surface, to a slick shine. Always make sure to coat small, single sections at a time completely before moving onto the next section. The vehicle is ready to use immediately, with no cure time required.

  • What's the Science Behind ShineXPro's Graphene Guard That Makes it So Different?
  • The science behind our Graphene Guard is very unique in the industry. There are lots of durable products, but the challenge was finding the formula that allowed the good versatility and ease of use, but with much stronger durability and hardness. We've taken the best properties of true graphene coating products along with our original formulation and combined them into a microemulsion formula. All this means is that the "mesh knitting" of the formula is so tight that once bonded and fully cured, it makes it much more difficult for chemicals and road debris to get in and "uproot" the coating. It is more likely to repel dust than before. You also benefit from a lowered surface tension to bead water (so tighter beads and less chance for water spots).

    • What does all of the above mean for me?
      • The most versatile & durable "All In One" easy to use, DIY ShineXPro's Graphene Coating available today.
      • Goes on easy, and wipes off even easier.
      • Easiest ShineXPro's Graphene Coating you'll ever use.
      • Protection and coating last up to 6 months.
      • Extremely hydrophobic and UV protectant.
      • Smooth, glass-like feel in seconds even on first application.
      • Gives surfaces a deep and glossy appearance.
      • Leaves no streaking, and no residue.
      • Keeps surfaces cleaner longer - makes future cleanings a breeze.
      • Protects your vehicle from water, dirt, salt, UV rays, and more.
      • Bonds and sets within 5-10 minutes, No long curing times needed. (for maximum durability against crazy chemical testing, give it 24 hours).
      • An average sized car takes only 60-80 ml for a full coverage.

    • 1 x Graphene Guard (250ML)
    • 2 x 400 GSM Cloth

    • Free shipping for all prepaid orders.
    • Delivery usually take 2-7 working days depending on your location:
      • Metros: 1-2 days
      • Other cities: 3-7 days

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    ShineXPro Graphene Guard

    Value for money

    Value for money. No need to water wash your car. Just dust out and sprinkle enough of fluid and clean again with another cloth. Gives a nice shine and glossy look.

    Akshay Karanth
    Amazing product

    A must buy if you love your car to be shining. Easy to use gives a car almost new look.