About Us

“My car is part of the family,” sounds relatable? We created ShineXPro just for people like you. When our passion for automobiles met automotive detailing experts, ShineXPro happened. At ShineXPro, we have created an ultra-premium microfiber cloth that provides the super-gentle, but thorough cleansing. We have put months of research and experimentation into developing the perfect piece of fabric. It is highly absorbent and wipes off stubborn stains without the need for chemical cleansers that can wear the paint. The dense fibers attract dust and dirt towards them, unlike cotton clothes that merely push them around and cause scratches. Using ShineXPro is more like giving your vehicle a spa treatment. It’s a true luxury deserved by the one you love the most (we won’t tell your wife, we promise!).

Not-So-Fun Fact

Did you know that it takes 22,500 liters of water to produce 1 kg of cotton? Additionally, tonnes of chemical fertilizer and pesticides are used in cotton cultivation. Using cotton and disposable paper cloth is not only harmful to the environment but can also cause damage to your vehicle's surface. Use ShineXPro microfiber cleaning cloth, so that both your automobile and the earth get the respect they deserve.