Wash & Care Instructions

  • Machine wash or hand wash with warm water (water temperature SHOULD NOT exceed 60°C), use mild LIQUID detergents with no fabric softeners, no dyes and no perfumes in them as that can clog the pores in the microfiber fabric, degrading its dirt trapping property and water absorption.
  • Only wash with other non-linting materials (No cotton) to maintain original water absorption and dirt trapping properties and keep it lint-free, since the microfiber fabric has a nature to attract and trap any free particles like lint.
  • Hang to dry in the shade, DO NOT dry in direct sunlight as the excess heat can melt the individual fabric, drastically reducing its softness and water absorption capability.
  • This is a specialized drying towel, so DO NOT use it to apply waxes, polishes or car shampoo as that can clog the pores in the microfiber fabric.