All automotive enthusiasts swear by the microfiber cloth's cleaning ability. It is considered a holy grail since it cleans vehicle surfaces thoroughly without leaving scratches. Sponge, abrasive towels, and paper towels have long been discarded by people in favor of this superior alternative. There's a microfiber cloth to meet your needs, whether you're washing a vehicle's exterior, cleaning the windshield, or treating the leather interior. Here’s why you should use a microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Cleans dirt more effectively: Standard towels do not clean like microfiber towels. Their "tiny" fibers are so small that they can grip and lift dirt into the towel away from the vehicle's surface, as their name implies. When standard towels made of materials like cotton are rubbed over the surface of a vehicle, they usually scatter dirt around.

It's a dirt magnet: Furthermore, when the fibers of a microfiber cloth rub together, a static charge is generated. Since the charge attracts dirt particles, the static charge increases the cloth's ability to clean much more.

They are extremely soft: Micro fiber towels have fibers that are around 1/100th the diameter of human hair. They are highly soft and non-abrasive due to their polyester and polyamide mix, as well as their small fiber size. When the towel is wiped over the vehicle, there is no possibility of particles scratching the surface.

High absorbance: Microfiber can soak up sevenfold its weight in water. Microfiber towels are an outstanding way for drying a car without leaving watermarks.

Quick drying: They not only absorb a lot of moisture, but they also dry easily. Their fast-drying time decreases the risk of bacteria developing on the fabric, rendering it unsanitary. Once you've wrung out the cloth, it'll be almost dry and at its most absorbent state.

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