The search for good cleaning equipment is always on. We see plenty of “miracle cleaners" such as vacuums, cleaning solutions, mops, etc being advertised left and right. However, the humble microfiber cleaning cloth has proven to offer the best benefits. These supersoft cleaning cloths are created with microscopic fibers that attract dust, germs, and bacteria.These particles are attracted by the cloths positively charged fibers that help keep surfaces clean without damaging surfaces or the use of harsh chemicals.

A study revealed that microfiber mops reduced germs by 99%, while regular mops showed only a 30% reduction. But, you must make sure you buy high-quality cloth to get the most out of these benefits.Read on to find out how you can determine the quality of microfiber cloth.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


1. Smaller is Better: Several microfiber cloths consist of fibers 10-50 times thinner than a human hair. However, the highest-quality clothing is made of threads that are 1/200th of a hair's width. This makes using microfiber cloth for car cleaning a good idea.

2. Weave is Important: Check for loop or waffle weaves. The tinier the weave the lesser damage it inflicts on delicate surfaces. Waffle weaves are better for tougher cleaning and loop weaves are good for delicate surfaces.

3. Check the Fiber Density: Microfiber density stated in grams per square meter (GSM) lower density cloths (200 GSM or lesser) tend to streak glass or leave lint behind. Check the label to determine the density, if it’s not mentioned the cloth is likely of low quality.

4. Stain Removal Test: Put some face cream on a mirror and wipe with a microfiber cloth. A high quality microfiber cloth will remove the lotion in a few swipes.

5. Does it Grab and Hold: Microfiber cloths should “catch on” to your hand when grabbed. This means that they will do a good job of attracting dirt and not push them around. This means using microfiber cloth for bike cleaning is good.

6. Absorbency Test: Water absorbency is an essential factor. The cloth shouldn’t push the water away. The towel should act like a vacuum, sucking the water up and wicking it away.

7. Stretch it: Stretch the cloth and hold it up to a light. Is it see-through? If yes, the cloth is not of good quality and it won’t last after a few washes.

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