A premium quality microfiber cloth cleaner can be used for almost every part of your car. Multipurpose microfiber cloths are safe and effective for all fixtures inside and outside your automobile. A few types of surfaces require a high density or specialized microfiber cloth cleaner. For example, the painted exterior of a car demands a microfiber cloth cleaner that has a density of more than 300 grams per square meter. A good quality microfiber cloth for glasses usually has a density of 200 to 300 grams per square meter. Here are five ways to use a microfiber cloth cleaner.

Ways to use Microfiber Cloth

  1. Microfiber Cloth for Windshields, Mirrors & More

Use microfiber cloth for all glass surfaces in and on your car. Windshields, windows, rearview mirrors, vanity mirror, and the covers of headlights, taillights and indicators can be quickly and effectively attended to with a microfiber cloth cleaner.

  1. Microfiber Cloth Cleaner for Seats and Upholstery

A microfiber cloth cleaner is effective on almost every type of furniture, from hardwood to plywood, leather to leatherette, and more. You may also use microfiber cloth to clean car upholstery, but not before vacuuming them.

  1. Microfiber for All Metal, Alloy and Chrome Fixtures

The grille upfront, the alloy wheels with their covers and hubcaps, and every type of metal, alloy, or chrome, fixtures can be cleaned using microfiber. 

  1. Everything under the Hood/Bonnet

Microfiber can be used to clean the exteriors of the engine, transmission, radiator, compressor, alternator, pump, battery, and brakes. Inside too, you can clean the seatbelt, cup holders, armrests, and all fabricated interior features.   

  1. All Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Features

From the steering wheel to the central display, the entire dashboard to the knobs & buttons, the air vents to the rearview camera, all such features can be cleaned and maintained well with microfiber.

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