Before you switch to microfiber cloth use for car, it is imperative to consider its quality. Using a typical microfiber cloth for car can damage the paint. On the flipside, using a highly plush microfiber cloth will be less effective on unpainted surfaces or objects that tend to get grimy and greasy. There is a reason why manufacturers have started labeling microfiber cloth for car depending on the type of surface and specific cleaning task it is suitable for. There are five checkboxes that must be ticked before you decide in favor of microfiber cloth use for car.

Microfiber Cloth

  1. Density & Weight - For a specific volume or size, density and weight are directly proportional. A density of 300 grams per square meter or more is necessary for your microfiber cloth use for car exteriors, considering the paint. Ideally, aim for around 350 GSM for painted surfaces. Such types of microfiber cloth for car are heavier than the typical ones.
  1. The Size - Each of the four sides should be sixteen inches or forty centimeters. This size enables you to fold the microfiber cloth once, and then again, thus giving you eight cleaning surfaces. Such an approach reduces the frequency of washing the piece.
  1. Polyester Piping - Polyester piping on the edges of a microfiber cloth makes the piece more durable, as it can withstand more wash cycles than the ordinary ones.
  1. The Grip Test - Before your microfiber cloth use for car, hold and feel the material on your palm or hand. You should sense a firm grip.
  1. The Wipe Test - A premium quality microfiber cloth for car should be able to clean dry dust or dirt in one wipe, moist grime in two wipes, and greasy lubricant in three wipes.

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