It's time to put your towels, sponges, and sprays away and replace them with a tool that can do everything: Microfiber. You may already have a few at home, but you may not know that these clothes are tough and flexible enough to clean your car's interior and exterior surfaces. You may wonder about microfiber cloth how to use it and why it’s effective. Microfiber material is 1/100 the thickness of a human hair and 1/20 the thickness of a strand of silk. There are approximately 200,000 fibers in one square inch of microfiber fabric only for cleaning!

Use of Microfiber Cloth
1. Dusting
These cleaning miracles can be used in many aspects of your home and workplace. Split microfiber is positively charged, so it attracts dust particles that are negatively charged like a magnet. This makes it more convenient (and safer) than simply dusting with a cloth and chemical spray. Even better, you can easily rinse it after you're finished to remove all of the dust, and then use it wet. Microfiber cloth usage makes it the perfect cleaning cloth for daily use.

2. Grease Removal
When wet, the towel works wonders on smudged dirt, grease, and stains. Since the towel needs some absorbency to soak up grime, it works best when rinsed and then wrung out.

3. Clean Glass
Using water, dampen an all-purpose microfiber cloth. The majority of the gunk on your vehicle's glass will be loosened and removed with this process. Then dry and remove any remaining debris with a microfiber glass cloth. This towel has a flat weave that prevents streaks from forming on your mirror by serving as a scrubbing brush.

4. Car Cleaning
Because of their small fiber size, they are highly soft and non-abrasive. When the towel is wiped over the vehicle, there is no possibility of debris scratching the paint.

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